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Create a chatbot – step by step to your own chatbot

5/5(1)Constant availability is an essential element of customer retention today and in times of global demands that means 24/7. At the same time, hardly any company can afford to have employees available for customer support and requests. customers at any time of the day or night. It is possible to process many standardized inquiries with

This is how the German offices were permanently made more digital

The corona pandemic has triggered a sustained push towards digitization in German companies. About one in two people (49%) say that Corona has accelerated the digitization of their business model. This is one of the most important findings of a representative survey of 1,102 companies with 20 or more employees from all economic sectors on

metaverse? How does it taste? | starter kitchen

Quantum computers, cryptocurrencies, chat bots: digitization goes hand in hand with numerous technical terms. But many cannot keep up with the ever-expanding dictionary of digitization. 75% of Germans have never heard of the Metaverse. While 15% have heard the term before, only 4% dare to explain it. Even Web3 and blockchain are still a mystery

Now the digital competition is getting fiercer

In view of the abundance of trouble spots, Achim Berg of the digital lobby association Bitkom called for "digital solutions to be used comprehensively and immediately". “With digital technologies we can move the world. These current momentous challenges can only be tackled digitally. It will only work with and not without and certainly not against

Is my privately purchased car tax deductible?

4.2/5(15)The good news first: You can always deduct your business travel for tax purposes. You can still use your car privately. However, vehicle taxation is complicated. The tax office knows several variations of taxation, so you can not always choose according to your taste. The starting point for taxation is whether your car is classified

Shortage of skilled workers in Germany: find solutions as a personnel manager

5/5(1)In a current Civey survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation Of a sample of 7,500 business decision makers surveyed, two-thirds (66%) said they currently have a shortage of skilled workers. In tracking skilled labor migration since the end of 2020, just over half of companies surveyed (54%) expressed an expectation that they would be short-staffed

Passau start-up study: Unequal ownership distribution in the founding team leads to more innovation

5/5(1)From the very beginning, founders should think about how to distribute ownership shares in their company among themselves. Researchers from the University of Passau, the ZEW – Leibniz Center for European Economic Research in Mannheim and the IÉSEG School of Management in Paris have found that teams are more innovative when ownership is unevenly distributed.

Founding a UG despite personal bankruptcy? | starter kitchen

4.63/5(16)In principle, the state does not put any obstacles in place for a debtor to become self-employed. From a purely legal point of view, the establishment of a company is also possible in the event of personal bankruptcy. One Exception First of all: if it is not a personal bankruptcy, but also a business bankruptcy

When to submit your tax return? | starter kitchen

5/5(1)The general deadline is May 31 of the following year. But: the faster you submit the declaration, the faster the money goes back to the tax authorities! The tax office no longer has to process a voluntarily submitted tax return after more than four years. The period for mandatory tax filing is even longer: the

Once a tax return, always a tax return? | starter kitchen

3.5/5(4)NO. Once a taxpayer has filed a voluntary tax return, he does not oblige him to file a return in subsequent years. However, it is possible that the tax office will ask the taxpayer to file a return after a one-off payment – ​​in which case he must comply with this request. Answers for you:

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