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Create a chatbot – step by step to your own chatbot

5/5(1)Constant availability is an essential element of customer retention today and in times of global demands that means 24/7. At the same time, hardly any company can afford to have employees available for customer support and requests. customers at any time of the day or night. It is possible to process many standardized inquiries with

This is how the German offices were permanently made more digital

The corona pandemic has triggered a sustained push towards digitization in German companies. About one in two people (49%) say that Corona has accelerated the digitization of their business model. This is one of the most important findings of a representative survey of 1,102 companies with 20 or more employees from all economic sectors on

metaverse? How does it taste? | starter kitchen

Quantum computers, cryptocurrencies, chat bots: digitization goes hand in hand with numerous technical terms. But many cannot keep up with the ever-expanding dictionary of digitization. 75% of Germans have never heard of the Metaverse. While 15% have heard the term before, only 4% dare to explain it. Even Web3 and blockchain are still a mystery

Now the digital competition is getting fiercer

In view of the abundance of trouble spots, Achim Berg of the digital lobby association Bitkom called for "digital solutions to be used comprehensively and immediately". “With digital technologies we can move the world. These current momentous challenges can only be tackled digitally. It will only work with and not without and certainly not against

Die besten Homepage-Baukasten im Vergleich (Liste 01/2023)

4.51/5 (43) Homepage-Baukasten im Überblick – unsere Liste der besten Webbaukästen für Gründer & Startups, inkl. Kurzbeschreibung, für wen optimal, Links, Tipps und Highlights. So als Grundregel: Für die Besucher gilt immer – „was nicht professionell aussieht, kann auch nicht professionell sein“. Wer aber als Existenzgründer nicht ein paar tausend Euro für einen Designer und

Becoming self-employed as an IT consultant – the most important points

5/5(7) Enthusiasm for technical solutions, ability to relate to people and provide them with the solution to their problem: this is what characterizes an IT consultant. Your clients, but also the activities and teams you work with change with each new project. The topics required are varied, and a specialization is probably worth considering. Network

Online banking becomes smartphone banking | starter kitchen

Classic online banking is becoming smartphone banking. For the first time, two-thirds (67%) of online banking users are using their mobile phones. One year ago it was 64%, three years ago it was only 52%. For the first time, half of people over 65 who bank online are using their smartphone to do so. A

What you've always wanted to know: so that the Metaverse doesn't remain a bohemian village

The metaverse or metaverse is currently considered to be the future of the internet in the tech scene. However, the term is still largely unknown in the German economy. Just over half of companies (55%) say they've never heard of the Metaverse. 17 percent have heard the term before, but don't know exactly what it

Startups are full of confidence | starter kitchen

In the past two years, the situation for startups in Germany has improved. This is what 42% of tech startup founders say. Another 40 percent see no change, and only 12 percent complain about the deteriorating situation for start-ups. These are the results of a survey of around 150 technology startups commissioned by the digital

Heating, air conditioning, hot water: how companies can save energy

Does everyone in an office building turn on the heaters themselves or is the temperature automatically controlled based on the weather conditions and the respective room usage? Is the air conditioning running at full blast as the summer sun warms the rooms through the large windows or do the blinds automatically lower to keep things

Tips for your career: Many companies rely solely on digital applications

By email, online tool and video call: The use of digital technologies in the application process is standard. Every company in Germany now allows job applicants to apply for jobs online. Four out of ten companies (42%) even rely exclusively on digital application documents. This is at least partially the case for the remaining 58%.

German IT companies want to increase the proportion of women, but nobody feels responsible

The digital economy wants to promote women more. 24 percent of companies have set goals to increase the proportion of women. Another 14 percent are planning it in concrete terms, and 29 percent are currently discussing it. For 29% of companies, however, these goals will not be a problem in the future either. These are